What we do



What we do

We offer the following Services

  • Ecological Surveys
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Surveys for Breeam requirements and Code for Sustainable homes
  • Management Plans and Advice
  • Education, Training and Presentations

Ecological Surveys: Vegetation and Fauna surveys undertaken include;

  • Extended Phase I Habitat Assessment;
  • Phase 2 Vegetation Surveys including NVC habitat assessment,
  • River Corridor and River habitat Surveys, initial bryophyte (mosses and liverworts) survey;
  • Rare plant survey;
  • Condition Assessment and Monitoring of public and statutory protected habitats including SSSIs, ASSIs, and SACs using methodology from JNCC and Macdonald et al 1998.

Slowworm (Medium).JPG Protected Faunal species surveys:

  • Great crested newt and amphibians;
  • Reptile;
  • Water vole and otter;
  • Badger; and
  • Marine mammals.

Environmental Assessments
  • To collect, describe and assess base-date in the EIA process for proposed development and associated impacts on the environment;
  • Description and assessment of impacts and mitigation requirements;
  • Consultation with experts in relevant fields and appropriate statutory and public bodies;
  • Input into the ecological section of the Environmental Statement.

Management Plans and Advice
  • Management plans and advice for local wildlife sites,
  • development schemes, gardens within schools and other green spaces.
  • Advice for the development of green spaces for wildlife, people and recreation.

Education, Training and Presentations
  • Training in wildflower identification and appropriate NVC types for private or public bodies;
  • Informing and interpretation for local wildlife groups and schools;
  • Presenting information for video clips and delivering talks with slideshows.

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