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Sophie leads wildlife tours on land and at sea, with wildlife holiday companies. Her expertise and interest lies not only in the flora and fauna of the UK, but also in Spain including the Cantabrian Mountains, Western Andalucia and Catalonia. She is expanding her knowledge of the Mediterranean Islands such as Corsica, because she feels that the mountain meadows are so marvellous and packed with millions of wildflowers - there is so much to explore and learn!

Whales and dolphin watching is a passion and Sophie has guided on boats in the Inner and Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Further expeditions have included the Canary Islands, the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and the Caribbean. Her experience in finding whales has developed while working with scientists, camara men and fishermen. Sophie helps to encourage guests on board to find whales and helps to interpret what they are seeing. The latest trip to Baja California in Spring 2010 was a stunner and we found blue whales, fin and humpbacks right beside the boat!


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